Plain talk on building and development
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Plain talk on building and development.

Consequential Decisions Made with Limited Information

A developer is always going to be making decisions that really have an impact on the project with limited information.  There will be a nagging temptation to stall the decision until you have more details, but the timeliness of decisions made by the person calling the plays is critical. The tension between time pressure and partial information is a very good reason to work with tried and true building types and to trust the flexibility of good urbanism.  Knowing where the parking goes (in the back...)  Knowing where the transformers and dumpsters go (also in the back), knowing the difference between the front and back of the building, all that stuff adds up.  Knowing where the building goes on the parcel and why simplifies things quite a bit.  Preserve your bandwidth for the other tough calls you will have to make with each project.  Start small so you can accumulate some wisdom through wrestling with small problems.

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