Plain talk on building and development
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Plain talk on building and development.

Getting started in Development; a Podcast & a Video

Studio on working out a basic floor plan,  section, and elevations. in the Mule Barn at the Destrehan Plantation. Several people have told me that I really do need to get a new video up to cover a lot of the basics.  After a couple of awkward GoToMeeting sessions and some adventures with Google HangOut walking folks  through the basic back of the envelope pro forma ,I have to admit they are right.  Until such time as I can wade through the QuickTime tutorial and put a new video together, here are links to the content that we have been able to collect (largely because someone else was in charge of the production effort).

This podcast with Chuck Marohn of opens with the ritual greeting of two Minnesotans, 5 minutes of us talking about the weather.  From there is gets into how folks typically get started in real estate development.

Will Pierce told me that this video The Dark Art of Developing Small Projects from the U of Miami's Masters in Real Estate Development + Urbanism was worth watching more than once since it covers the basic business model math of production homebuilding and the basics of land development and deal structures.  Will Pierce subsequently went to the Miami MRED+U program and landed a gig with Grass River Properties in Miami  If you are a rookie developer in in the Miami region, you should make a point ot meet Will Pierce and  Andrew Frey of  the Townhouse Center.

U of Miami Video: