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Plain talk on building and development.

Last Call for the Atlanta Small Developer Boot Camp October 13-14, 2015

A straightforward three bay building on Wylie Street in Reynoldstown, Atlanta. Next week Jim Kumon, Bruce Tollar and I will be in Atlanta for another small developer boot camp.  The Georgia Conservancy and the Atlanta Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism have put together a great venue and did an excellent job getting the word out. Most of the folks who have signed up are from the Atlanta region, but I saw the names of colleagues from Washington DC and Asheville on the list. Last I heard from Jim, 110 people have registered.  So here is a heads up.  Registration closes on Monday.  People infected with the small developer virus have the nerve necessary to wait until the last minute, so there is usually a bit of a surge in the last couple days of registration.

We get started Tuesday evening with a get together at the nifty converted church offices of Kronberg Wall Architects in Reynoldstown and we will be at the Center for Civic Innovation all day Wednesday. (near the Five Points MARTA station)

If you are still on the fence, give a listen to Eric Kronberg explaining what to expect:

Switchyards Podcast with Eric Kronberg

Then go register on the website: Register for the Atlanta Small Developer Boot Camp

The next boot camp on the schedule is an in depth 4 day event in Western Michigan in early December.  Jim Kumon is firming up the dates with the local hosts.