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Build Maine? Hell Yes.

The Build Main Audience in great space at the Bates Mill in Lewiston Kara Wilbur Benson & Vanessa Farr principal wranglers of the Build Maine Event

Continental Breakfast and Coffee Break Food you actually  wanted to eat.

The great folks from Forage Market who  fed us.

The List of Stuff I said I would re-post on the blog in greater detail....

I just got back from the Build Maine event in Lewiston/Auburn, Maine.  I don't know what went on behind the scenes to make this happen, but it came off as a very well-planned and well-executed event.  The space at the Bates Mill was soooo much better than the usual hotel venue.  The folks attending and exhibiting were from the full range of folks thinking about making their state a better place.  Chuck Marohn, Mike Lydon, and I were the keynoters from out of town.  I was up first, (I suspect this was make Mike and Chuck appear more grownup by comparison) Conference food is too often something to be tolerated, but breakfast and coffee break fare from Forage Market was great. The organizers put on a Pecha Kucha (multiple short presentations, each limited to 20 slides in 5 minutes) at the local brewery the previous evening.  That's a great way to kick things off.  Adult beverages and rapid fire provocative ideas -what's not to like?  If you are thinking about a regional event I would recommend talking to the folks that wrangled this one.  I promised to re-post my list of stuff a municipality can do to demonstrate they are not screwing around with this Place Making stuff.  (which included an item I had to apologize for later). I will get that up tomorrow.